Use Cases Open Roadmaps

Build trust with beautiful Roadmaps

Share what you're working on with your customers with an interactive public Roadmap.

Build product roadmaps

Openly communicate with your customers

1. Configure

By default a Roadmap is created for each Workspace. This Roadmap can be configured to be public, or you can choose to keep it private. Once public, customers can access it.

2. Share or embed

Make your Roadmap publicly available at your custom domain, or embed it within your existing website or app.

3. Enable voting

Enable public voting on your Roadmap so that your audience can have their voice heard!

4. Share progress

Update your audience each time new things move to the Roadmap, or existing things are completed.

The importance of communicating with your customers

If you run a business or provide a service, the last thing you want is for your customers to feel like you don’t care about them. As the business owner, you should make every effort possible to connect with your customers and keep them in the loop. Not only do public Roadmaps help this demonstrate that you care about their opinions, but you’re also able to gather valuable feedback. After all, your customers are the people who will ultimately determine the success or failure of the business.

Roadmaps are a very effective way to communicate to your customers what your plans are for the future. A common myth is that roadmaps are only useful when launching a new product. While this may be true in some cases, for the majority of roadmaps are a useful tool to keep your customers in the loop for all sorts of services and situations.

The traditional way to share product plans with your customers is to create a roadmap, but this can be a daunting task, especially since there’s always the possibility that your ideas won’t get the response you were hoping for. Instead of putting yourself through the agony of compiling feedback and creating a detailed roadmap, why not let your customers do it for you? By creating an open roadmap and enabling voting & commenting, your audience can directly tell you what is important to them.

Popular features for roadmaps


Build simple yet beautiful roadmaps.

Custom Domains

Add your own custom domains to host your roadmaps, ideas & feeds.

Private Boards

Keep boards private for sensitive or internal matters.


Customise and embed widgets in your own website and apps.


Send email notifications about new ideas, feedback, updates and more.


Enable voting to validate ideas and understand customer demand.


Build a community & communicate directly with your customers.


Keep followers notified on progress and updates.


Default app colors, custom fonts, logos, favicons plus loads more.

Custom Fonts

Mirror your own branding through custom fonts.


Integrate with popular apps such as Jira, Intercom & Zapier.


Interact with our open API to create content, view details and more.

Custom Categories

Build your own workflows through custom categories.

Copy & Duplicate

Copy and duplicate content for easy management.

Data Exports

Export your content to CSV for additional data processing.


Simple translations for all public-facing pages.


Flexible content editing that supports HTML, images, video and more.

Video Embedding

Embed hosted videos to create engaging content.


Add attachments to share files, PDFs, wireframes and more.

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