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Collect Ideas

Learn how LoopedIn can be used to collect ideas from your audience.

Collect ideas

Start collecting ideas in seconds

1. Configure

By default an Ideas board is created for each Workspace. This board can be configured to be public, so that customers can access it.

2. Share or embed

Make your Ideas board available at your custom domain, or embed it within your existing website or app.

3. Enable voting

Enable public voting on your Idea boards so that your audience can have their voice heard!

4. Start collecting!

Be notified each time you receive a new idea!

Why collect Ideas?

If you manage a product, a service or even a marketing campaign, you should consider how your customers are feeling about the product and whether they are happy with the performance of your service. If you do not get the feedback that you need, you may be in danger of losing your customers, especially if your competition offers a better service.

When a lot of people have ideas on how to improve a product it’s easy to get overwhelmed and just don’t collect or analyze them. Maybe you’re not sure what to look for, or you feel that the current product is fine and you don’t want it to change. Or maybe you just don’t know how to analyze the data you’ve collected to draw any useful conclusions. Either way, it's imperative that you take time to listen to your customers, collect their ideas and analyze them.

Collecting ideas is important. It can be the difference between building a product that's innovative and useful, or one that's just a nice-to-have. And when it comes to the latter, it's easy to see why so many businesses miss the mark. It's tempting to take the path of least resistance and rush out a half-baked product, especially when you're short on time or money. But what's the point of doing that if it leaves you with a product that's too late, too complicated, or not quite right? The good news is that it's never too late to re-evaluate. You can get customers back on your side by incorporating their feedback into your product roadmap and announcing product updates.

Popular features for ideas


Collect, manage & prioritise ideas.

Sentiment Analysis

Auto-analyze feedback as positive, neutral or negative.

Custom Domains

Add your own custom domains to host your roadmaps, ideas & feeds.

Private Boards

Keep boards private for sensitive or internal matters.


Customise and embed widgets in your own website and apps.


Send email notifications about new ideas, feedback, updates and more.


Enable voting to validate ideas and understand customer demand.


Build a community & communicate directly with your customers.


Keep followers notified on progress and updates.

Emoji Responses

Quickly collect feedback through interactive emoji responses.


Default app colors, custom fonts, logos, favicons plus loads more.

Custom Fonts

Mirror your own branding through custom fonts.


Integrate with popular apps such as Jira, Intercom & Zapier.


Interact with our open API to create content, view details and more.

Custom Categories

Build your own workflows through custom categories.

Copy & Duplicate

Copy and duplicate content for easy management.


Merge similar ideas without losing votes and followers.

Data Exports

Export your content to CSV for additional data processing.


Simple translations for all public-facing pages.


Flexible content editing that supports HTML, images, video and more.

Video Embedding

Embed hosted videos to create engaging content.


Add attachments to share files, PDFs, wireframes and more.

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