Use Cases Announce News

Keep your customers engaged

Keep your audience engaged with regular announcements and email notifications about news, updates and launches.

Announce news and updates

1. Configure

Configure your Announcements feed and widget, adding your own logos, colors and fonts.

2. Embed

Easily embed your widget within your own website or app.

3. Publish

Create and publish announcements and notify your audience of new updates.

4. Collect

Watch the feedback and sentiments start rolling in from your audience.

Identifying customer priorities

It's not enough to have a great idea, it's not enough to build a product or business that excites customers, it's not enough to roll out an update that's packed with features. The reality is that in order to succeed, you need to have an ongoing dialogue with your customers, and keep them engaged with your services. If they're not engaged, they might just move on to your competitors.

Getting your product or business in front of your customer is getting harder every day. So, how do you get your customers to keep coming back? The answer is simple: keep them engaged. The easiest thing to lose is a customer's attention. That's why it's important to keep them engaged with regular announcements, whether it's a new promotion you're offering, a new blog post you're shouting again, or simply a small feature update.

Popular features for announcements


Create changelogs & notify your audience.

Pinned Posts

Pin important posts to your changelog feed.

Sentiment Analysis

Auto-analyze feedback as positive, neutral or negative.

Custom Domains

Add your own custom domains to host your roadmaps, ideas & feeds.


Customise and embed widgets in your own website and apps.


Send email notifications about new ideas, feedback, updates and more.

User Segmentation

Use segmentation to send targeted notifications.


Enable voting to validate ideas and understand customer demand.


Build a community & communicate directly with your customers.


Keep followers notified on progress and updates.

Emoji Responses

Quickly collect feedback through interactive emoji responses.


Default app colors, custom fonts, logos, favicons plus loads more.

Custom Fonts

Mirror your own branding through custom fonts.


Integrate with popular apps such as Jira, Intercom & Zapier.


Interact with our open API to create content, view details and more.

Custom Categories

Build your own workflows through custom categories.

Copy & Duplicate

Copy and duplicate content for easy management.

Data Exports

Export your content to CSV for additional data processing.


Simple translations for all public-facing pages.


Flexible content editing that supports HTML, images, video and more.

Video Embedding

Embed hosted videos to create engaging content.


Add attachments to share files, PDFs, wireframes and more.

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